Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Millar Family

Ah, the talented Millar Family :) Camille is an excellent seamstress, and makes her clothing and her boys clothing all the time. At our church Halloween party, they were dressed as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, little Tin Man and baby Lion from the Wizard of Oz...mostly sewn by her! So we did an exchange - I photographed their family, and she sewed me some nursing covers for feeding my boy when he arrives. The Boston waterfront is another of the many awesome backdrops to be found, but I mostly love witnessing the family-fun. Thank you for inviting me to share the morning with you!


Christina said...

So funny - Jason was one of the RAs in my freshman ward, and I was actually at the theater performance where he proposed to his wife :)

Chris said...

I like that you are posting your it before the wee one comes :) I love your pictures.