Saturday, June 30, 2012


My beautiful friend, Jessica, is one of the most lovely people on earth. I have been amazed to see that she could become even more gorgeous as she's been growing her baby. I think she was about 32 weeks pregnant in these photos, but now baby girl could come at any time! Jess's wonderful man is also one of the most lovely people on earth, so I can hardly wait to meet their inspiring little chica.

I love and admire you, Jess. 


jessipants said...

oh lani pants. you are TOO sweet. for reals. thank you for all your loves!!! i'm excited to see more pics of YOU and your preggo cuteness!!! xoxo

jenn potter said...

How lovely, I can't believe I haven't looked at your blog for this long! I LOVE you and I love our Jessi, and now Emi AND Oliver. My goodness. What a growing family we have. LOVE LOVE LOVE.