Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hafen Family

Although our winter in New England was pretty mild this year, I have been especially happy that spring has arrived. I like observing the branches of trees during the cold months, but I am feeling really refreshed to see leaves and flowers and the color GREEN! And all this spring greenery makes me think of Vermont, and the summer, and the trips we'll have to Vermont this summer....and I was reminded of these photos of the Hafen family. And then I felt awfully embarrassed to realize I failed to share these photos on the blog...from the summer of 2009! And these young girls have totally changed! I'm so sorry, Joy. Where was my brain?! With luck, we could get the Hafen's back to Vermont this summer for an updated family adventure :-)

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Normal Mom said...

It was fun to look over those again! I have the one by Brig and Chelle's barn hanging in my house. I love how they turned out.
Oh, and we'll be there in July! :)