Friday, March 11, 2011

I am part of an *exciting* project! Along with a few other photographers in Windsor, Vermont, we are photographing 250 people to celebrate the 250th birthday of the town. Windsor is where the Vermont constitution was signed and Vermont became a state. Many well-known politicians and artists have contributed to Windsor's rich history and creativity. For me, when I first came to New England I lived with my dear friends in Windsor for one month before moving to Boston, and I visit them regularly. Rob and I love the town and area so much that we married there!

We are raising funds for the project on It's a website that helps fund creative ideas, allowing people to support and contribute through donations, which can be as little as $1. If you're interested, please visit the project page and become a 'backer!' I am looking forward to recording a snapshot of Windsor in 2011 through portraits of it's people.

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elkmeadow said...

I love your photography Leilani! It's so artistic. Your step-mom-in-law :) only recently found your blog. I miss you and Rob.

I just donated to your Windsor project, and I hope many more do the same.