Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parisian Catacombs

I'm a few days late to post these images for Halloween, a day that would actually be mildly appropriate - I apologize if you need to stop looking and hide these images from your children, because they are spooky! You may wonder, what type of person spends their birthday wandering below the streets of Paris among the catacombs?? Well, I'm your gal. Plus my friends Jenn and Dann - I wouldn't have survived alone, mwa ha ha. Honestly, it was quite sobering, walking among bones, stacked upon bones, upon more bones, for almost one hour. So many people who once lived, now dead, names unknown; only their bones as proof they walked the streets of Paris one-hundred-plus years ago. We enjoyed some other, not-so-morbid activities on my birthday as well, but this adventure left quite an impression.

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