Thursday, September 9, 2010

Other People's Art

Referencing the artists and artworks (on display at le Centre Pompidou) from which my photos were abstracted : Arman, Miaudulation de fritance, 1962; Richard Mortensen, Eure, 1955; Olle Baertling, Xrek, 1973; Yves Klein, SE 71, L'Arbre, grande √©ponge bleue, 1962; Yves Laloy, Soleil sur l'O, 1958; Marcel Duchamp, Fontaine, 1917 1964; Piotr Kowalski, Identit√© (n°2), 1973.


jess said...

love. more please? and more lani art please?

jenn said...

what a wonderful time this was. I am so glad we got to be in Paris glad. I miss you leilani, I really do.