Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sowers Of Hope!

Family and Friends,

I don't have a Facebook account, but if you do, please proceed with these steps:

1) Go to the following link: APX Gives Back on facebook.
2) Then click on "Go to Application" in the upper left hand corner.
3) Then click on "Click to Start nominating and voting".
4) You can then search for "Sowers of Hope" in the middle of the page.
5) Once you find "Sowers of Hope" click on "Endorse this charity".

Can you do this everyday for me, please?! You can vote once a day! Sowers of Hope is a children's school in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo which I've participated in starting and supporting, and they really need a new school building. Receiving this funding from APX would be positively life-changing for the children, teachers and community.


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