Friday, December 11, 2009

Universal, Light

I asked them to try a blank expression for these photos. Believe me, I love smiles. I think it's similar to the variances between black and white or color photographs for me. The presence of color itself pulls attention, like smiles and laughter. Color is a Love. And looking at the tones of gray pulls my attention to such smooth skin and the shape of the lips and the eyes, the eyes in such portraits; also a Love.

The funny thing is, and I feel silly admitting, that although I can actually look at the back of my camera and see exactly which film I'm using, I had thought I was photographing with color when taking these! I was so focused on the colors of their eyes, that when I got them developed I was surprised and equally delighted to see other details I had not fully noticed. These two girls are most definite Loves.


Stephanie Hatch said...

I didn't know you were so talented, Leilani! These are beautiful photos.

emily said... cute!

Lindsay said...

I love them too.