Monday, May 25, 2009

Organic Aesthetics

I've just been reviewing some photos from my past lives, and I really want to throw some color back on this blog! In Hawaii I had a photo exhibit when finishing my studies, and I had these plus other images on display. Some basic elements of art and design include line, shape, texture, color...and I was fascinated by the inherently unique elements of art in these plants.

I say 'past lives' because I feel my life comprises various chunks of time, phases, that all feel like a different lifetime to me. There are aspects of each phase that I miss, although I suspect I'm not actually at a loss, but that each element stays with me in one form or another. Like unique elements creating a distinctive design.


cheney cheney bang bang said...

I super love these photos. And I super miss you.

American Yak said...

These are just lovely, L.

And to Cheney: that's one of the coolest retro Mac blogs I've seen. (Perhaps the only one, but still, ha.)

Chris said...

yum yum yum. I really need to get a bunch of your pix to hang on my walls. I NEED TO.