Sunday, May 31, 2009

c + m = forever

chris and mike. mike and chris. both equal awesomeness! chris has been one of my gals over the years, before she and mike whisked themselves away to live and travel in all areas of our world. now I have opportunity to live near them while they do brave and grown-up things like own a house, and grow a baby, and renovate an inn with chris's siblings...they are the truest of adventurerers!

chris is an incredibly talented graphic designer and mike is an incredibly talented thinker, so there new baby is basically going to be an incredibly artistic and intelligent and stylish little ninja! yeah!


Chris said...

you are wonderful. thank you.

Kristen said...

These are beautiful!

normal mom said...

Hi there,
Chris' big sister, Joy here.
My family will be in Vermont in July, would you maybe be available to take some family pictures for us? You actually took one of my favorite pictures of Hafe and I when we were in Hawaii. Glad to see you've progressed into an artist.

P.S. Chris said I could ask you :)

you can reach me at