Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waimea Details - Part 2

A few things that regularly occur on the North Shore of Oahu include, but are not limited to: Hitch-hiking, surf competitions, massive waves breaking directly on the shore, bikes being 'borrowed' and occasionally returned, lots of shaved-ice and fish being consumed, and jumping off rocks that are sometimes twenty, thirty feet high into the beautiful ocean! Sound intense? Sometimes people get hurt while playing in, around, or near the ocean. Well, probably everyone at one point or another. I've been fortunate not to endure too many injuries, although sometimes when I'm looking down from up high, and there isn't water below me, I need to sit down, just to make sure I don't follow through with the sensation to jump :-)


acaseofcot said...

I love your work!! You are one {very} talented lady. Glad that I could make it to your blog today so in the depths of our snow-slosh New England, I can feel the warmth of H.I.
Now we just need to find me a man so I can hire you to do my wedding pics haha (I'm finding that task a little harder than I planned). All in due time, right?!!
I'm so glad you moved here. We need to hang sometime {real} soon. I think we might be going to the Ben & Jerry's festival on Saturday in Vermont...you in?

acaseofcot said...

p.s. I miss waimea

p.s.s. just let me know if you want to come on sat. & if you want to invite others too..GREAT, we just need to make sure we have car space.

p.s.s.s Your little siblings and friends are cute and I loved your Boston shots (great detail in the T tile wall ones).

Joel said...

I agree I miss Waimea and Hawaii so much it hurts sometimes. (really it really only hurts when it is snow and or freezing.

As for your work, having been able to see a bit of it through the years I have to say you keep getting better and better.

The color is so rich and wonderful in these pics. And your framing is wonderful.

Really your pics are great and I hope you enjoy the move.

Heather said...

Leilani, my dear friend! Great photos! You live in BOSTON?! I wanna live there!

ashton rodgers said...

dude! these are so rad!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice tat

Tracee Breeze said...

Love these!!!

S & B Udall said...

Boston? Is that where I would find you? It looks like you are enjoying life. You are flying in for the mission reunion, aren't you?

Jonathan Canlas said...

um how did i miss that double exposure holga of grant flying above himself?

whatever, you are ridiculously talented.