Friday, November 14, 2008

The Season

Yep, more photos of the leaves. Their colors and shapes and textures combined with other colors, shapes and textures. I feel like I've just noticed that Aspen leaves become so dark once they've fallen. And although most leaves seem to become the same, dry-looking color, they are so many different shades of their color. I guess each leaf was probably a different shade of color on the tree. I am waiting for my film from Hawaii to be developed and scanned, and I've been working on some people photos from the past months, which I will share soon!


Chris said...

Oh think of the pictures you could take in VT in the fall???!!!!

I can't wait to see your Hawaii photos. I got some nice ones of the families the other day but I also can't wait to get some serious tutorials from you--we can swap lessons for board or something.

Tracee said...

I love the very first one of the leaves!
It was great to get to know you in Hawaii!

Mark Weinberg said...

The first one is SWEET!!

Bryce and Heidi said...

Very beautiful as usual! I'm going to be in SLC for December and January. Maybe we can get together? Miss you!